Bowling Blind is a 35-minute documentary film that chronicles the ups and downs of the Metropolitan Blind Bowling League.  The league, comprised of mostly low-income, minority New York City residents, are the Bad News Bears of bowling. They bowl on a small, two-lane alley in the basement of Visions Selis Manor on 23rd street in Manhattan (where most of the bowlers live). The lanes frequently breakdown and are in dire need of repair. The league lacks the money to fix them and the building's management lacks interest to maintain them. But this doesn’t stop the Metropolitans. For 30 weeks a year, this rag tag team of bowlers keep on rolling. 

This year they're rolling to the National Blind Bowling Tournament in Denver. But due the league's perpetual lack of funding, they don't have enough money to cover expenses for the trip. And for most in the league, straying from their fixed incomes to attend the tournament is out of the question. But just like their busted up old lanes, lack of money won't stop them from doing what they love. Bowling Blind follows the league as they raise money and bowl their way to the national tournament.

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Film Festivals
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
Different From What? Film Festival (Best Short)
Lighthouse International Film Festival (Runner Up for Best Short)
BOSI Fest International Film Festival (Serbia)
Downbeach Film Festival
New Jersey State Film Festival

Bowling Blind

Presented by AMF Bowling Centers
A Cutout Pictures Production
In Association with Viceroy Films

Executive Producers, Ramin Fathie and Tim Hogan
Directed, Produced & Photographed by Marc Cantone
Edited by David Egan
Producer, Kristie Lutz
Associate Producer, Josephine Martarona
Score by Billy White
For a complete list of credits, please visit
© 2009 Cutout Pictures, LLC, All Rights Reserved
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photos by Stephen Lipuma

For the first time, Bowling Blind is now available to stream in its entirety at IndieFlix! Create an account and watch today!

We're very proud to have Bowling Blind screen at the BOSI Fest International Film Festival in Serbia.  The BOSI Fest presents films about people with disabilities from all over the world.  It's quite an honor to be recognized by an organization like BOSI.  

Three More Festivals!
Bowling Blind is going on a festival tour (kind of)!  We are honored to have be chosen as official selections for the upcoming Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival in Arkansas (one of the oldest and most respected documentary fests in the country!) and the Cape May Film Festival and Downbeach Film Festival in New Jersey.  

19th Annual Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

Oct. 15-24, 2010
Bowling Blind Screenings:
Sat., Oct. 16th - 10 AM
Tues., Oct. 19th - 1:25 PM
Malco Theater
817 Central Ave
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901

Atlantic City Cinefest
Oct. 15- 17, 2010
Resorts Hotel & Casino

10th Annual Cape May Film Festival
Oct. 22-24, 2010
Chalfonte Hotel
301 Howard Street
Cape May, NJ 08204


Runner Up for Best Short at the Lighthouse International Film Festival

We're very excited to announce that Bowling Blind was runner up for Best Short at this year's Lighthouse International Film Festival in Long Beach Island, NJ.  Thanks to festival organizers Charlie Prince and Eric Johnson and all the other staff who made this a great event!

We're very proud to announce that Bowling Blind won the Jury Prize for Best Short at the Different From What? Film Festival in Arizona this weekend! It is truly an honor to have screened at the festival not only because of the great work they do in raising awareness for people living with disabilities but also because of the high quality of films that shared the weekend with us. Thanks to everyone at the festival and all the great people we met there!

We're thrilled to announce that Bowling Blind will have its film festival debut at the Different From What? Film Festival in Tempe Arizona this month. The festival, created and sponsored by the Equity Alliance at the Arizona State University, promotes films about people with disabilities and how they are viewed by society as a whole. This is the perfect festival for Bowling Blind to have its premier and we're honored to be a part of it. I will be there and possibly another member of the production team. We hope to see you there!


Bowling Blind Screening Details:
Different From What? Film Festival
MapCap Theaters
730 South Mill Ave
Tempe, AZ Sat.,
Jan 30
Screening #1 - 5:15
Screening #2 - 8:15
Purchase tickets here

The Metropolitan Blind Bowling League is a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization. If you wish to make a tax deductible donation to the league please email